Month: August 2013

Think with your heart

img158It is hard to have a deep discussion of preventative care without exploring the internal organ relationships and energetics. We use the word energetics because we are talking about the Qi or energy of the organ but not the physical organ. For example, when use the word heart, it is a broad concept and covers the entire mental, emotional, and spiritual aspect of the heart.

The heart is the seat of consciousness and awareness.  The heart is the higher, intuitive mind. When the heart is open, one feels joy, compassion, patience, focus, wisdom, and love. When the heart is closed one feels emotionally cold, impatient, agitated, and in a severe form, hate. It is paired with the small intestine, and in the Five Element philosophy – the Fire element.  When one thinks with his or her heart, the thoughts are less self centered and of a universal loving nature.  This higher intuitive mind is always sending us messages, mainly ideas to help us find our path and purpose. We need to quiet down and listen to the whisper of the heart.

In Taoist and Chinese Medicine philosophy the heart houses the Shen. The Shen is the deep spiritual aspect. When the Shen is disturbed, we will feel agitated.  Insomnia is an example of disturbed Shen.  How do we nourish the Shen?  The Shen is nourished by the inner virtues like loving kindness, being humble, courage, integrity and gentleness.  When the Shen is strong it shows in our complexion. The face will glow and we will have a deep inner smile.

Be intuitive, think with your heart.…

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