Willow Tree in the Breeze


Wood Element : Liver, Gallbladder,  eyes, tendons, nerves, green, Spring.

The Liver Qi represents freedom. Like a willow tree in the breeze, the Liver keeps us cool, calm, collected, flexible, and free. We move gracefully through life. This unrestricted, free flow of Qi makes us feel kind, happy and content.

The liver governs the eyes and vision. Not just the physical vision, but the vision of where your life is going. When the liver Qi is strong we are able to plan and have goals. Why is this so?  The liver Qi governs growth. Like a tree, the liver Qi has an upward and outward movement, and at the same time sends roots deep into the earth. Our vision and plans follow a similar process. We plant the seed (idea), and then send roots down to build a foundation for our plan, and then soar up and out with enthusiasm and pure will to implement and ultimately fulfill the plan. When this growth process is blocked, we feel lost and move aimlessly through life.

Like an army general, the Liver directs the free flow of Qi  throughout the entire body. Since the blood follows the Qi, this will increase blood circulation, nourish the tendons, joints, muscles, and nervous system. This nourishment not only helps us stay physically flexible, but increases flexibility and openness of the mind.

How do we strengthen and get in touch with our Wood Element?

Like a tree – keep your upper body soft, flexible and yielding, while your legs and feet are rooted firmly to the earth.
Eat greens and sour tasting foods, cut down on the overuse of the eyes, and most importantly, have a Plan.

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3 comments on “Willow Tree in the Breeze
  1. Alexander DeJong says:

    Beautiful post, Scott! See you next week. Wishing you THE very best for 2014. AX.

  2. Charlene Sherman-Ragatz says:

    Lovely post! It is an especially important reminder to “give our eyes a rest”. Computer screens, phones, artificial lighting can really take a toll. I think I will take that advice and go for a walk and look at some greenery and trees.

  3. Great post Scott! And I quote you in my latest blog on my coaching site. 🙂

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