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Steady At the Helm

Alignment – Breath – Consciousness flows

Consciousness is seated in the heart – thymus gland. The Heart -Thymus are the spiritual core of life on this planet. This is because they provide direction based upon wisdom and clarity. Otherwise there is just chaos.

Due to the onslaught of a new pathogenic factor in the world today, immunity is at the forefront of our thoughts. Without a strong immune system, we cannot fight and maintain a healthy life. The heart – thymus are in charge of directing the flow, manufacture, and quality of our T cells. These cells are crucial for our first line of defense against viruses, infections, as well as abnormal cell growth (Cancer.) It is also believed that the thymus produces a hormonal elixir that plays a role in regulating aging. Unfortunately stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, negative thought forms, overuse of recreational and pharmaceutical drugs and environmental toxins can cause premature atrophy and weakening of the thymus. How do we keep our thymus function robust? How do we rejuvenate a weakened thymus gland? Luckily, consciousness building tools like the I Ching and other spiritual ancient teachings of self development help us maintain the integrity of the heart-thymus equation. These tools help strengthen us physically, emotionally, and invoke mental transparency leading to better focus and clarity. I personally gravitate towards the I Ching as a guide because it utilizes the observation of the inner processes of nature as its structure. The inner processes are the Eight Trigrams that we have been studying. We can simply enhance our health and immunity by learning the inner gift of each process. The ancient scholars understood that each process of nature has a structure and alignment. The process is mathematical since the building blocks are the binary power of yin and yang. By studying the philosophy of structural image, we open doors to the self and subconsciousness. Many health problems originate on the subconscious level and these tools help clear negative emotional dust. Pure consciousness flows through the Acupuncture meridians to nourish, communicate and defend against pathogenic factors. I believe the pandemic is teaching us to reflect within and ponder making important life changes. Spending more time at home helps us catch up with reading, exercise, and self development rather than always on the run. When we go outside we crave being by nature as well as small gatherings of friends, family, and events.

“Look deeper into nature, and then you will understand everything.”

(Albert Einstein)

In the past, I would exclusively fly British Airways to London. I was impressed that the pilots would always come out and greet the passengers at the end of the flight. They had the experienced look of a fighter pilot maneuvering a spitfire during World War II etched in their face. Since I am flying over an ocean, I feel comfort knowing the plane is in steady hands. This is the essence of the Mountain Trigram. The earthly experience filled with trial and error, happiness and despair, mistake and success. We start off life as young fools, but ultimately, we live and learn.

The Mountain Trigram is composed of a solid yang line on top, a broken yin line in the middle, and a broken yin line at the bottom. This structure represents the vertical alignment of the earth essence ascending to consolidate at the top. The earth essence is blocked by the top line, so it consolidates and becomes stable and firm. Essence is the spiritual backbone of our multidimensional being. Mountains have a unique essence. They are majestic. This is why we strive to climb them. They are earthly but reach up to heaven. The are formed by the upheaval of plates in the earth or volcanic activity. This clashing of plates mimics our lives. We have to get banged around before we develop a deep sense of wisdom.

Gravity is constantly pushing us into the ground. As we age, our footing and overall balance is not as firm as in our youth. The practice of alignment both physical and spiritual is crucial for our health. The key is alignment and breath. As we sit and sync with the universal breath, we feel the alignment of the polar opposites, Heaven and Earth. The Mountain trigram takes root in the Earth and reaches up to Heaven. The two yin lines are Earth and if your remember, Earth is receptive. Mountain’s earthly receptivity is opposite of the Thunder Trigram which is receptive and aligned with the heavenly energies. As we breathe into the earth, we cultivate our inner mountain…..strong, steady, upright, firm, unyielding, and majestic.

Life as become more complicated and rife with obstacles. We are craving leadership both in our native country as well as the world. Autocrat and autocrat wannabees are on the rise. They take advantage of the decrease in mental clarity and short attention span due to stress and pressure in day to day living. Negative ideology and disinformation is spreading like a disease. Social media is not helping. With elections looming, our democracy and values are on the ballot for now and for years to come. I hope we have learned the lesson that experience, character, integrity, truth, and just plain common decency matters. We need leaders that think with clarity before action and are deeply rooted in the virtues of the Mountain Trigram. Someone who has cultivated life’s experiences and has learned from mistakes and even failure. George Washington is an example of a leader rooted in Mountain. It is said that Washington lead with the gift of silence. He was quiet but lead with a big stick. The ability to quiet down and listen is inherent in our DNA. The gift of silence directs us to look within and listen to our inner leader – our inner master. By cultivating and meditating on the Mountain Trigram we root our thoughts deep into the earth and feel the ascension of these thoughts crystallize and take shape as a plan based upon wisdom rather than folly.

So, if you have a conflict, obstacle, and decision in your life, and the Mountain Trigram appears in your mind’s eye, the universe is telling you quiet down, sit as upright as a mountain peak, be receptive, and align the energy of heaven and earth. Breathe into the earth and feel the essence ascend through your entire being. Ponder your prior mistakes, successes, and failures and let that experience shape your decision and change making process. Let the wisdom of the past crystallize into bright and brilliant plans for the future. Let go of any chaos in your life. Chaos is like a tornado uprooting your entire being. The Mountain mindset is too strong, firm, and rooted to be offset by any nonsensical chaotic behavior. With today’s world events and generalized fear, we are navigating through choppy, uncharted waters. Now more that ever we need to sail through life slow and steady at the helm.

Please stay safe, be well, and climb to the mountaintop of your dreams.



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  • Thank you for this, Scott. Fingers crossed for landslide for tomorrow….PLEASE.
    See you soon.

    Best regards

  • Scott, this is yet your very best! It is aesthetically beautiful and inspiring and spiritually wise and uplifting. It is even politically/socially so appropriate, as you say: “We need leaders that think with clarity before action and are deeply rooted in the virtues of the Mountain Trigram.”
    Thank you for sharing. Hope the next one comes soon!
    Love and hugs from the silent mountains of Telluride.

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