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Turn up the quiet

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWater Element – blue, deep, yielding but very powerful.

Serene, still, gentile, like a mountain lake, this is the Yin virtue of the kidney Qi. From the deep stillness of the kidney yin, yang arises, producing the yang virtues of perseverance, will-power, motivation, and strong sense of purpose.

The season that corresponds to the Water Element – kidneys is winter. During the winter season there is a deep sense of quiet, and the energy in nature as well as the physical body runs deep. The energy of the Kidney is very deep and if you compared the body to a tree, the kidneys are the root. When the root is strong the physical structure is robust. The root also has a universal aspect.  It means the connection we have to the earth, humanity, family etc. When we lose this connection, the negative emotion of fear takes hold.

The kidney Qi nourishes the ears and the sense of hearing. The sounds of nature -birds singing, running streams, the ocean etc,  nourish and strengthens the kidney Qi.  The constant bombardment of loud noise disturbs the kidney Qi.

It is essential to find the time to turn the senses inward, center and feel the inner stillness. This will nourish your root.  The yin practices of reading, meditation, contemplating, and relaxing in nature, are the best ways of not only increasing the energy level in the body, but general peace of mind. This is the perfect balance for the yang activities like working out, dancing, running, etc. With the fast pace of modern living, mind- body exercises like Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates are very popular because they have a yin-mind contemplative aspect, while at the same time strengthen powerfully on the yang physical level.

Get in touch with your inner mountain lake.

Turn up the quiet, your soul wants to dance.


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