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Inner Expression

Artwork by Juan Li


Just as there are no two identical fingerprints, we are all unique in a very special way. Our goal is to discover, refine and express our hidden potential and natural gift.

According to the Ageless wisdom teaching, we are composed of layers or what is known as subtle bodies. These layers are primal energy on different levels of vibration. The subtle bodies express themselves through the seven major energy centers known in the east as chakras. These seven major chakras are formed when the energy counterpart of our nervous system (nadis) crisscross many times.The chakras are influenced by our thought forms and purpose in life. Since the chakras vibrate on a very high level, they need to step down and express themselves through the seven major glands (pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenal, ovary-prostate.) The glands are considered the most spiritual part of the human body. They influence us on a mental, emotional, and physical level. This stepping down process continues further with the glands expressing themselves through the major organs (lung, heart, spleen, kidneys, liver) and the organs expressing themselves through the acupuncture meridian system. When the organs are in harmony, the corresponding acupuncture channel will be strong and free of blockages. If there is a disharmony, we will experience pain and tension along the corresponding channel. Since there is a feedback mechanism between the points and organs, acupuncture – acupressure treatment will heal on a very deep level.

Ageless wisdom philosophy teaches that the universe is composed of a primal energy known as the Monad or spirit. In order to express itself, spirit divides into it’s polar opposite – matter. Matter is spirit on a lower level of vibration. The interaction of spirit-matter gives birth to a third element known as consciousness or soul. What is the definition of soul?  It is said that the soul resides in the layer of the higher intuitive mind.  My definition is that the soul is the “essence” of who we are. It is our unique spiritual identity.

As we journey through life, we are swayed by three types of energy – physical, emotional and a little from the soul.  Internal exercises like meditation, as well as any form of creativity will unleash energy from soul levels. Meditation results in the greatest flow of soul energy. Meditation is a broad concept and does not have to be sitting. For example, an early morning run, bike, or walk can be a meditation as long we lose our self to our higher mind.  During meditation the soul imposes it’s vibration on the lower self and then in place of the restless, self centered emotional nature, there is imposed the steady harmonious, virtuous nature of the higher self.  This new rhythm gives birth to ideas and revelations so we can make changes and be more creative and centered in our life. Soul infusion helps us express our virtues and have a greater understanding of our emotional nature leading to subordination of the negative and strengthening of the positive.

As our self development and cultivation of the virtues matures, there will be two meditations occurring at the same time. As the mediation of the soul and the meditation of the lower self approximate each other, a conscious relation is established between the soul and its “shadow” (man on the physical plane.) As the lower self vibrates in unison with the soul, we build character and widen our mental space.

This inner expression is not something glamorous that we do, but by contacting the soul and radiating its love and light, we forget the lower self and manifest soul principles and qualities in our relationship with others. We then serve and express a heartfelt attitude conveying love of life and under all conditions recognize its beauty and purpose.

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  • A thoughtful and informative post. The hard part for many people is making time for thoughtful quiet time. Myself included.

  • Beautiful article, Scott! It made me think about why am I drawn to my morning runs few times a week. I was never a runner and more of a gym person. But recently I discovered a completely new feeling, I started running in the morning in the Park-forest. Apart from the physical exercise and burst of energy, I find it mentally rewarding as well. I never thought of it as as a connection with my “Essence”. But now since I read it, I’m looking more forward to my “Meditation Run” to meet my Soul. Thank you.

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