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Pennies from Heaven


As we enter into the Winter season and the New Year, the time is right to move forward with our exploration of the classic book of change, “The I Ching.” We will first explore the inner core, the eight Trigrams. These eight processes of nature represent the relationship we have with the environment and cosmos. As the population explosion causes an environmental rift, and the over development of land disconnects us from earth, we lose the vital physical, mental ,and spiritual nourishment that the planet provides. It almost seems like we are trying to conquer nature and by doing so we cause profound health problems. By studying the eight Trigrams, we invoke a deeper understanding and appreciation of mother nature leading to a more gentile, humble attitude on life. This builds character and integrity.

The Heaven Trigram is composed of three solid lines. A solid line is yang. so this trigram is complete yang. Yang is the creative initiating energy. It gives us perseverance and enforces the will power. Three yang lines represents the creative energy of spirit – soul – matter.

When we think of Heaven, we imagine a place above us. A place we hopefully go if we’ve been good. The truth is, heaven is on earth and earth is in heaven. Heaven represents the subtle essence or spirit behind every universal manifestation. When we eat good quality food we absorb heaven from the food. We we breathe good quality air, we not only breathe in oxygen, but the subtle radiations from the planets and stars. The physical, body has a healthy response to this essence in the form of increased endurance and mental clarity. The kidneys are in charge of transforming essence to keep the physical structure strong. So when you eat a meal, eat slow and absorb the essence.

When the Heaven Trigram appears in your thoughts, it is letting you know that you need to take initiative. It gives us the power to say “yes” to new uncharted territory. We do this with a strong sense of purpose and one-pointed focus. We tap into the dynamic power of the creative will and set all things in motion. This will step down physically as strong perseverance.

Heaven, being pure spirit, teaches us truthfulness arising from absolute fearlessness.  Since heaven is pure spirit, we have no fear. Fear arises when we feel disconnected to spirit. We take the straight-fast path… acting truthfully. There is no time for games. Since truth is the quickest way to freedom (“the truth will set you free”), individuals attuned to Heaven speak the truth fearlessly.

In summary, when a conflict arises, or a decision needs to be made, and the Heaven Trigram appear in your mind’s-eye, then follow your inner guide by taking the initiative, be true to yourself and others, and put the gentile essence of your being behind your every move.

” So when you hear it thunder, don’t run under a tree, there will be pennies from heaven for you and me.”

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